50 round box - 9mm Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+ T-Series Ammo RA9TA - limit 10


A maximum order of 10 is allowed
10 or more$28.95
A maximum order of 10 is allowed.

50 rounds per box. Order 10 boxes to get a factory full case.

This ammo comes in a black box

Winchester Ranger 9mm T-Series 127grain +P+ hollow point ammo. For use only in firearms approved for +P+ ammo, this ammo is about 20-25% higher than standard pressure, which can damage some guns and can be a danger to the operator. Please consult with the firearm manufacturer if in doubt about using +P+ ammo.

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Customer Reviews

I have shot 1500 of these rounds in training and at the range in my twin G-19's. Very accurate and reliable. This is my carry round for my G-19's.