50 rd box - 22 LR Number 12 shot shells - Rat or Snake shot ammo

50 rd box - 22 LR Number 12 shot shells - Rat or Snake shot ammo

10 or more$8.95
SKU: x22lrs

50 rd box - 22 LR Number 12 shot shells

These are for shooting rats, snakes, and small varmints at close range

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Customer Reviews

I need these for snakes and small varmints
I used these on my revolver S&W stainless Steel 7 shot and worked well. I thought there would be a problem with a cylinder to fire thru but no side blast nor blow blast coming out the sides where the cylinder meets the barrel. I love my revolver for easy use and no jam potential risk in a fire fight.Plus, cocking an automatic is loud and can be heard far away by perpetrator whereas a revolver is silent giving no sound alert away. thanks Winchester for making this ammo for home defense,too.
Great buy. works in all of my 22 Rifels.
These little shells are good and I can't understand why they're so hard to fine of late. For someone who isn't the best shot, I feel more confident when using them. Not being a great shot is key because if I miss with a regular shell, who knows how far it might travel before it hits a solid object or just what that object might be. Also, it isn't my intention to kill anybody but I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger with 'gentle'er' ammo if threatened. I live alone and in an isolated area. I need these little shells.