1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo

1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo

1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo 1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo 1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo
1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo
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Notice: We recommend this ammo for use in SKS and AK-47 type rifles only. AR15 and Mini-30 Rifles may require a heavier hammer spring for reliable ignition. AR15 may also need an 'enhanced firing pin'.

20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case. Golden Tiger 7.62x39 124 grain FMJBT ammunition features a lacquered steel case and non-corrosive priming and a bimetal jacketed lead core bullet that is magnetic. Made in Russia by Vympel. This is one of the most popular types of Russian 7.62x39 ammo in production. At SGAmmo.com we have sold Golden tiger since 2009 and it has been our customers favorite type of 7.62x39 ammo because it is high quality, reliable, consistently accurate, with clean shooting powders and priming and features mil-spec weather proofing processes such as sealed case mouth and primer pockets and lacquer finish on the case, all the best processes available for manufacturing AK-47 ammunition. This ammo is made by Vympel on Russia's most modern machinery and manufactured to perfection. If you are looking for the best ammo for AK-47 or SKS then this is the stuff for you. If you have your doubts the please Google search 'Golden Tiger 7.62x39' and see what others have to say.

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Customer Reviews

I've been comparing ammo for my skis for some time now. Ive found that some have great accuracy while others feed flawlessly. The Golden Tiger is the only one that does both for my rifle. As long as SG keeps it in stock I'll keep buying.
SGAMMO is awesome. Fast shipping. Great packaging. I don't think you can do it any better than these guys are here. Received 1000 rounds Golden Tiger in two days. Shoots just fine.
So far I have purchased 4 case's, and fired 2000 mixed from each case out of an 18 inch AR47 from PSA. All went bang and ejected no problems holding a 4 inch group at 100 yards. This is perfect mid range defense ammo and out performs my 300 BO. Very happy with it. My tack driver is an M1 Garand Match, holding Sub 1 inch at 100 yds.
Purchased a bit and will purchase much more! Highly recommend this ammunition.
I have been a long time customer of SGAMMO they have the best selection and best prices with quick shipping and there website is hands down the most easy to navigate to find products. Golden Tiger is the highest quality 7.62x39 ammo at a great price.
i have purchased over 13,000rds of this ammo, 13 boxes and none have had damaged goods inside. this is not including all the other item's purchased and shipped to me from them. they double box all their ammo shipments. if goods are damaged i would think it was the carrier's fault not SGAmmo and they have no control over what happens after it leaves their hands. just saying. i don't work for them or know any of them personally so this is just from a customer.
have purchased 11,000rds of this great ammo from SGAmmo and just picked up 2,000rds more because they have been out as of late and didn't want to miss out should they sell out again. my Chinese SKS and SA-93 Bulgarian AK47 love this fine ammo an so glad that the people here have seen to it that we have the chance to buy it. because from what i've found their the only ones who have it in stock regularly . have been dealing with the fine people here at SGAmmo for a few years and all has gone well. i live in Oklahoma so i have to pay tax BUT that's ok as i like to buy Oklahoma when i can plus to keep Okie's working and making a living is what i'm about. for me this is the best 7.62x39 ammo you can run through your rifles and you can store it for long term. i purchased from SGAmmo some of their new green ammo can's to do this. this really your one stop shop for ammo and extra's that you may need. thanks so much to all the people at SGAmmo for the hard work you in getting our orders out so fast. no other place does better.
This is a deal I cannot pass up for $242 shipped. I will purchase more if these prices remain.
This is awesome ammo it's my favorite 7.62x39. Accurate and it yaws very early in the wound track. Unfortunately with my most recent purchase from SG ammo most of the 20 rnd boxes were ripped and torn up to the point that they don't keep ammo in them, the ammo leaks out because the boxes are so torn that they don't stay closed. It was so bad that I suspected these were designated rejects set aside to be sold by 1000 the round case because they can't be placed on a store shelf without spilling ammo everywhere. I have bought 1000 rnd cases GT about 5 times from SG ammo in the past, most recentlt in 2014 before my purchase in Dec 2016, and this was the first case in which most the 20 rnd boxes were damaged. The ammo itself looks fine, but the torn boxes made packing them it into a .50 cal ammo can a tricky chore. BTW 960 rnds in their 30 rnd boxes fit into a .50 cal ammo can with the bottom of the can lined with loose dessicant granules in case you preppers want to go that route. Honestly with the well applied laquer on this ammo ammo cans are overkill, but the cans are good safe storage in case your house ever floods or burns. SG ammo is where I get most of my ammo so hope this was just a one time occurrence.
I have been ordering from S&G for over 4 years and was always satisfied. That said, I tried out the Golden Tiger and was impressed of the consistency of performance. I was a little concerned about the lacquer thing first, checked my bore and chamber after 40 rounds and found them as clean as after shooting Tula polymer coated ammo. What more can I say.....good stuff!! Will buy more of this.