1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo

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20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case. Golden Tiger 7.62x39 124 grain FMJBT ammunition features a lacquered steel case and non-corrosive priming and a bimetal jacketed lead core bullet that is magnetic. Made in Russia by Vympel. This is one of the most popular types of Russian 7.62x39 ammo in production. At SGAmmo.com we have sold Golden tiger since 2009 and it has been our customers favorite type of 7.62x39 ammo because it is high quality, reliable, consistently accurate, with clean shooting powders and priming and features mil-spec weather proofing processes such as sealed case mouth and primer pockets and lacquer finish on the case, all the best processes available for manufacturing AK-47 ammunition. This ammo is made by Vympel on Russia's most modern machinery and manufactured to perfection. If you are looking for the best ammo for AK-47 or SKS then this is the stuff for you. If you have your doubts the please Google search 'Golden Tiger 7.62x39' and see what others have to say.

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Customer Reviews

Great ammo. I got 1000 rounds in June. Cleaner than I expected and no misfires or jams. I'll be buying more. Prices beat anyone else and I've turned my friends on to this site for their ammo needs. You carry ammo that most others don't. You're my go to for all my ammo. Thanks for a great place to shop and drool.
Thanks to S&G for making 7.62 Golden Tiger affordable to shooters such as myself.
This is great ammo never had a jam or failure to fire and it's very accurate highly recommend! Very fast shipping also when you buy from SG, their are very friendly too, Thanks Sam and everyone.
I couldn't have asked for better pricing or shipping on my last purchase of Golden Tiger 124gr fmjbt from sgammo.com. This is by far the best ammo for the price. From the tests I've seen it's about 300fps faster out of a 16.5" barrel and from what I've personally experienced groups about an inch tighter at 100yrds. On top of that it's sealed at the base & primer(perfect for storage ). Thanks again for creating another very satisfied customer. - J
Love this stuff by far the best ammo I've shot in my ak always goes bang
Have bought this ammo for years, it's my favorite hands down. I have not had one FTE or FTF in many thousands of rounds of Golden Tiger through my AK's. It's very accurate. I have not had any problems with the lacquer. This is my Go To ammo in 7.62x39. I would like to see this offered in hollow point that would be even better! If you can find this, Buy it!
These are the best 7.62x39 rounds bar none.love golden tiger ammo.shoots moa groups in my slr 95,allmost as good in my msir and russian sks.buy them now or cry tell next time.thanks sam and crew,keep up good work.
wow, this is the best 7.62x39 ammo ever, my AK47 loves this stuff, very accurate and reliable with sealed projo's and primers, crazy good ammunition
Too bad they don't do spam cans of this stuff! Really would like to add a few of those if they did! :-)