50 round box - 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 124 grain HP hollow point LE ammo - P9HST3 - Limit 5 boxes this lot


A maximum order of 5 is allowed
20 or more$24.95
A maximum order of 5 is allowed.

50 rounds per box

Federal HST 124gr Hollow point 9mm ammo. One of federals best Law enforcement loads.

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Customer Reviews

For years the Speer GOLD DOT was the yardstick on evaluating handgun ammo. But the Federal HST has nugged it out into second place. After having fired close to 1000 rds in various calibers the HST is THE defense load to use. GOLD DOT is a great load too, but HST gives just a little better performance down range. There are several excellent YOUTUBE videos that show this also.