420 Round Can - 5.56mm 55 Grain XM193 LC1AC1 Lake City Federal Ammo for AR-15

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420 Round Can of 5.56mm 55 Grain XM193 LC1AC1 Lake City Federal AR-15 ammo for sale at SGAmmo. Nice, clean, recently produced XM193 ammo made in Independence, MO by Lake City for Federal. Packed on stripper clips in 30 round sleeves in an ammo can. This is great ammo for AR15 rifles and the stripper clips and loading tool make it so much easier and faster to load you mags. Also the ammo can packaging preserves you ammo in good condition regardless of the storage conditions and makes transportation easy as well. This 5.56mm M193 ammo is brass case, boxer primer, and has a non-magnetic projectile. Great ammo for the range or just for stock piling for the long term thanks to its metal ammo can packaging. If  you are looking for AR15 ammo for sale online with the best packaging options available then this is the ammunition for you

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Customer Reviews

I love the ammo cans and stripper clips. I don't know why are all 5.56 ar15 ammo is not sold this way, this saves a lot of time and hassle at the range and makes it easy to load mags in just seconds plus it's convenient for carrying. Lake city 5.56 ammo shoots good and is affordable and American made
I have a lot of high praise for these rounds. Where should I begin? Well, they come in a great can that you can refill with pretty much whatever you want to keep dry and safe. The rounds themselves come on 10-round stripper clips that make reloading magazines a breeze with the included loading "spoon." I save the can and clips to reload with bulk 5.56mm that I'll buy by the thousand. Everything stays neat and organized for those rainy day magazine loading sessions. As for the performance of the rounds, these are great for practice or plinking. There's nothing special about them other than I've never had a dud (probably just jinxed myself there). These are 55 grain full metal jacket ball projectiles that fly nicely down range but one shouldn't expect MOA accuracy from them, well, maybe with the right set-up... My BCM HSP Jack carbine loves these and functions flawlessly with them. One last thing: they're pretty clean-burning, so that's pretty nice. One should have a can or two of these on hand at all times.