200 rd case - 223 Hornady Barrier Penetrating 62 grain JSP Ammo - 83285

200 rd case - 223 Hornady Barrier Penetrating 62 grain JSP Ammo - 83285

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Info Per Hornady

TAP Barrier turns cover into concealment. Hornady originally developed this ammunition to meet the requirement for a high-speed, barrier penetrating bullet that could be used for nuclear power plant security. The design of the TAP Barrier™ round allows the projectile to maintain its structural integrity while punching through barriers, yet still initiate expansion in soft tissue. For patrol carbine programs or any tactical situation where the need is for accuracy, barrier penetration, and terminal soft tissue performance, Hornady® TAP® Barrier™ ammunition is the ideal choice.


Ballistic Coefficient: .264
Sectional Density: .176
Bullet Length: .795"
Recommended Rifling Twist Rate: 1:7" to 1:12"
Characteristics: Barrier with cannelure, Soft point
TAP Barrier™
Velocity of 3075 FPS in 24" barrel

CASE -223 Remington

Manufacturer's Name (Hornady) and Caliber Designation (223 REM) imprinted on case head
Match Grade Brass Composite


Powder: Temperature stable with flash retardant
Primer: Small rifle, Staked primer pocket


20 rounds per box
10 boxes per case (200 rounds per case)
Lot numbers on each box and case


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